Wes would always tell me that he thought I should try to get “this stuff” in stores, but being a chef in restaurants never really gave me time to pursue it. Soon after, my brother died of a rare lung disease, and it was his death that inspired me to pursue our salsa business, just as he'd suggested, and get "this stuff" in stores. And that's exactly what we've done. 2 Brothers Salsa is now sold in stores throughout Texas.

I know this endeavor makes him proud!

2 Brothers Salsa started with an extra 50 pounds of tomatoes in my mom's kitchen about 12 years ago. My mom had called me and asked what she thought I could do with an abundance of fresh tomatoes besides can them. I was a full time chef and told her we could make salsa.

With that first batch, I received rave reviews from our friends and family. My brother Wes especially loved it and actually stopped buying salsa at the grocery store. He would call me and let me know he was running out of our salsa, and I would simply make more for him.

about us

our award-winning 2 brothers salsa is made with no preservatives and all natural ingredients, including roasted tomatoes, chipotle peppers, and jalapenos.  

our goal is to provide fresh, great-tasting salsas that rely on flavor, as well as just the right amount of heat. we recommend serving it warm.